Crisis Management

World class community care

Crisis Management

Reputation, reactiveness and quality of care above everything else. We specialise in delivering packages of care for the most complex diagnoses and situations, with the ability to do this within 48 hours of referral. Working daily with local authorities, clinical commissioning groups (CCG’s), hospital teams and families, we have the experience, compliance and competency you can rely on to deliver consistent, world class caring outcomes.

We not only quickly provide staffing to contain and manage emergency circumstances. Our Crisis Management Service has been carefully structured to allow for comprehensive, therapeutic care management at every level and stage of a JMR community care package.

Types of packages we support and provide:

What makes us different?

Bespoke packages

Bespoke package set up, including digital care monitoring for real time feedback to stakeholder, all set up within 48 hours of referral*.

From initial referral to end of package. JMR works closely and cohesively with key stakeholders to provide the most bespoke, person centred care package possible.

We have done this before, and are happy to lead stakeholders with management setup and maintenance of packages. This can include package setup/planning meetings, package review meetings, real time updates from our digital care planning system and 24/7 ability for stakeholders to speak to a member of the CMS management team.

We are proficient specialists in setting up and managing challenging community packages for complex individuals and have continuously achieved world class caring outcomes under these circumstances.

Superior training

Superior training & recruitment compliance for all, including GSA Regulated Restraint Training, Medication Administration and Emergency First Aid, all delivered by our in-house training team.

We take the recruitment and compliance of every JMR staff member very seriously. Constantly evolving and holding ourselves accountable to our regulatory safer recruitment process, we never allow our care management team to see any staff files until they are fully compliant and signed off. We ensure even the missable compliance areas such as overseas checks are consistently completed with NO exceptions.

When it comes to our in-house training compliance for CMS Staff, we go far above mandatory level to ensure our workforce has the best training possible to deal with even the most challenging of situations. On the back of huge internal investment, JMR now boasts state-of-the-art training facilities in both Norwich and Colchester, where we deliver our own GSA Regulated PMVA (Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression), Medication Administration, Anti- Ligature, Safeguarding, Emergency First Aid at Work and Manual Handling courses.

Comprehensive planning

Comprehensive Digital Care Planning for all community packages!

Working with the commissioning body / stakeholder in package start up meetings, we produce and implement care plans, risk assessments, incident forms, daily logs, restraint forms. We can then provide these in feedback meetings at the key stakeholders frequency of choice or provide real time, detailed updates in moments of real crisis to agencies and stakeholders in need.

Competent management

A management structure designed to provide comprehensive care management at every level.

Whilst we focus heavily on the training and the competency of care provision of all JMR support staff, we know this would be nothing without effective, quality care management. That’s why we invest heavily in the Crisis Management structure. Each sizable region we support has its own dedicated management team, ensuring we provide the best quality of care and do not expect existing management staff to take on higher workloads, therefore leading to a dilution in quality.

Proven results

Proven track record of providing industry-leading caring outcomes.

Be it facilitating service user transitions from secure into the community, to working with a family in their home to promote independence and offer respite, JMR Healthcare has tens of industry leading case studies that evidentially prove our ability to achieve world class caring outcomes, consistently. These can be shared with relevant stakeholders on request along with supporting references.

24/7 support

24/7 care managed on-call helpdesk.

Our Crisis Management Service takes advantage of our on call helpline, staffed 24/7 from our Norwich Head Office Base. When you call JMR Healthcare out of our working hours with an emergency, you can speak to a care manager that is on shift at our Head Office Base, not just being woken up like some of our competitors, allowing for an unparalleled on-call emergency service for our support staff and clients.

Case Studies


Becca is a young female we had the pleasure of supporting with a care package transition for 9 months. Becca is diagnosed with comorbid emotional dysregulation, separation anxiety and insecure attachment difficulties. Becca was admitted to hospital following self-harming behaviours and awaited a suitable placement being found for her, to provide an extensive crisis package of care in the community.
How we have helped


Manika is a young female who has a familiar and special relationship with JMR Healthcare, following several periods of support from the CMS Team. Manika struggles to understand and regulate her emotions and often experiences intense emotion dysregulation. This is associated with self-harming behaviours and intense aggression towards others.

How we have helped