Residential Provisions

Residential placements for Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties

Residential Provisions

JMR Healthcare is committed to providing consistent Residential Placements for Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. We pride ourselves on building services that can competently deal with some of the most challenging scenarios, ensuring our staff and service users remain safe, secure, then allowing us to build an environment to allow everyone to thrive and progress.

Pear Tree Cottage

Pear Tree Cottage was our first Children’s Residential Facility to be opened, based in Thetford, Norfolk. This bespoke 2 bed facility is Ofsted Registered and was designed to be able to offer consistent residential placements to children coming out of the secure system.

Pear Tree Cottage has been a huge success since opening in September 2021 & Ofsted has recently achieved a rating of Good in our March 2023 Ofsted Inspection. The team at Pear Tree and the work they do everyday has been constantly praised by commissioners and stakeholders since opening, with a plethora of unbelievable, industry leading case studies to boot!

Having worked in partnership with JMR with children and young people with learning disabilities I have found them to be compassionate, child centred, flexible and resilient in the care and support they offer…They are confident, playful and able to focus on positive outcomes for children and young people at all times, including when the children and young people may be experiencing high levels of distress and showing this in different ways.

Dr Melanie Bruce
Clinical Psychologist

Future residential services

We are currently in the process of opening two further Children’s Residential Placements across Norfolk & Suffolk. We will update this page as soon as we can!