Specialised bespoke staff training services


In 2022, JMR Healthcare made the significant investment to bring all of our face to face compliance training in-house.

Equipping both our Head Office in Norwich, and our Colchester Office with state of the art training facilities, this significant company development is just another example of our commitment to the betterment of our services and quality of care, allowing us to ensure the highest quality, quantity and review process of our training and compliance.

All our training courses start with an occupational health assessment, and ending with assessment and a written test administered by our qualified trainers, to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Lastly, our in-house compliance team works hand in hand with our training team to maintain the training of all of our internal staff, ensuring we futureproof compliance for our existing workforce.

What training do we provide to our staff?

GSA regulated PMVA

GSA regulated PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) Training, including our bespoke 2-day course, 3-day Level 2 course and 4 day Level 3 course.

Every JMR Healthcare staff member, across all of our service lines, completes a version of our in-house, GSA Regulated PMVA training. JMR Healthcare is proud to have designed a PMVA programme that is fundamentally structured around our belief in safe restraint and the effective use and training of our verbal and non verbal de-escalation techniques which remain paramount across the whole curriculum.

Starting at the 2-day Bespoke course, consisting of one day of theory and legislation-based work, then on to one day of practical where participants are taught breakaway techniques, standing and seating restraint holds.

Our Level 3 includes everything above, which the addition of takes our compliance one step further to allow staff competently and safely restrain on the floor with a minimum of 2 people.

With the ideal scenario of having 3 people being able to deploy a safe hold to the floor while continuing to use both verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques to help our service users regain control of their emotions.

Level 4 is our industry leading stage, only deployed in special circumstances such as secure unit work. This allows our staff to be able to competently use equipment such as pods and leg pillows/cushions and safe transitioning to and from seclusion rooms.

Medication Administration

We challenge you to find another organisation that does this company wide. Whether you are booking a member of our Temporary Staffing Team for your private residential facility, or you are a local authority commissioning our Crisis Management Service, you can be rest assured every JMR staff member can administer medication (subject to external policies) without the supervision or direction of a nurse.

Our training team conducts our regulated, in-house medication training, signing off each individual staff member as complaint. Our training team also visits our community care packages to provide external medication audits, as well as having the ability to retrain and upskill existing staff members should issues or errors occur.

Emergency First Aid At Work

Our emergency first aid at work training is an extensive course making sure all our staff have the knowledge and skill set when dealing with a medical incident. It gives all our staff the confidence in knowing what laws and legislations cover both the organisation and staff when delivering first aid in the workplace. We then go on to teach participants how to deliver CPR and use of an AED as well as how to place a patient in the recovery position. A multitude of other topics covered throughout the day including dealing with seizures, breathing issues such as choking, drowning, asthma etc, external bleeds and shock, injuries and burns and other medical conditions such as diabetes, strokes. Our training incorporates both hands-on training as well as classroom-based learning.

Anti Ligature

JMR Healthcare delivers an in-depth training package to staff on how to deal with a ligature situation. Unfortunately, we do work in situations where staff may need to be able to have the knowledge and skills in dealing with a person who has ligatured, whether this be suspended or unsuspended. This training course gives staff an excellent understanding of what a ligature is, how to deal with a ligature situation, how to administer first aid, how to preserve evidence and how to conduct risk assessments. This training course is hard hitting, however, it is broken down to allow for staff to have the opportunity to get up, participate in group activities, use the equipment, and talk about a serious situation in group discussions.

Fire Safety & Marshalling

All staff are offered the opportunity to take part in our Fire Safety course, where we look at equipping our participants with all the skills and knowledge required in event of a fire. This course includes what to do if you discover a fire, using fire extinguisher, maintaining and using evacuation routes, and the best way to deal with vulnerable Service Users.

Additionally, we look at the role of Fire Marshall, including the responsibilities and duties associated with the role. Participants learn the importance of regular Fire alarm testing, fire evacuation testing every 3 months, fire risk assessments, PEEPS, and how to report any concerns or faults.

Safeguarding Children and Adults Level 3

Continuing to lead the industry, all JMR Staff are enrolled onto face to face safeguarding training to ensure the highest skill set of our teams and safety for the Service Users we support. Our training team teaches staff about early recognition of signs of abuse or neglect and knowing how to act and respond in potential safeguarding scenarios. The information within the training breaks down the appropriate courses of action to take, empowering staff by giving them the skills and knowledge they need in order to effectively respond and report in these circumstances.